Jacks Media

We are a team of developers and data experts who build Progressive Web Apps with...

AWS Cloudfront & Netlify CDNs for web scale delivery

NoSQL & markdown for transparent, maintable projects

Some technologies we've worked with:

  • ⛅️ AWS, Azure, Docker, Ubuntu, WSL
  • 🛠 React, GatsbyJS, node.js, Lambdas
  • 📚 NoSQL, GraphQL, Markdown, JSON, MySQL, MDM, Postgres
  • 🖼 Github, Sass, styled-components, Bootstrap

Your brand or your small business / nonprofit needs a progressive web app! Drop us a line if you'd like to discuss how a PWA can help your mission.

Do you have a custom website vision? Do you already have a WordPress or Squarespace site but dream of one day having an app?

Please drop us a quick email


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